Thursday, November 1, 2007

Graffiti advertising that won't piss people off

Street advertising Services is a new concept that uses graffiti for urban advertising. So what? They blast high pressured steam onto a stencil which creates the image - essentially by cleaning that part of the wall/street.

Brilliant - good marketing and covering your 'social services' angle at the same time

Need Content?

Springwise, a sister site to Trend Hunter, has a great article on sourcing content for whatever your digital needs might be.

Mochila, a New York based company has now essentially created an online marketplace for content. This a great new business model for sopurcing content and benefits everybody involved. So far more than 1000 media organizations, including Reuters have joined - not too bad so far.

Read the article, or check out Mochila

Monday, October 22, 2007

Interactive / Reactive video platform is a great digital video platform that allows user to interact with the video. What does that mean? In an nutshell, that i can select different parts of the video and tag it so that you can click onto various areas of the video and be taken to various destinations...

So? Well, one thing, for advertisers and promotions this is especially useful. Take for example, a promotional music video that you would like to integrate into an email marketingn campaign. With this, you could essentially tag different elements of the video to different products or promotions. i.e. if a click on the record i go to a record product page, if i click on the DJ i go to his myspace page etc etc.

Not being used as much as i woulkd expect, but the few campaigns that have used it have had great success. One specifically included an intercsative video of Kate Moss that receiveed an unheard of 70% consumer respone rate. Nice

Any Song, From Anywhere, Instantly - Seeqpod

Seeqpod is a new and quite a unique music search engine. The ‘playable search’ engine trawls the web, and finds the song you are looking for from within any source. It then lists all the results within the page, and can be played automatically.

To be noted, as far as I can tell, this is legal in the same way that video link sharing sites are (sites like that do not host any copyrighted material but just build references to where they can be found.) Essentially, you cant share/get music via this service, but it is great for those “Have you heard this song?” moments where you need a song then and there.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great World Stats Application

I've just come across this great application. It's not the kind of app that you will go back to, but i just wanted to post it as it is really interesting, and actually quite scary - it gives real time stats from around the world. Check it out

Update on earlier post

Just a quick update on my earlier post regarding free entertainment on the web. is a new site that has popped up. it's the sam concept as and - but is a much better version. More content, and a nice layout. TV licence? No thanks, i'll use these

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Belgium For Sale

A teacher and journalist has created a lot of PR for a country that usually doesn't receive much at all. To draw attention to political problems, the country was put on sale - and Ebay let it ride for a while - until it got a little out of control and reached a $14 Million bid.

Great PR as long as you get Ebay on your side. This isn't a new trick, although it hasnt happened with a country before. To my knowledge, prior to this there have been people selling their entire lives - ID cards, friends, clothes, everything - and actually getting considerable offers for it.

But this all has to be topped by the guy guy who paid a few hundred dollars for an air guitar..... and received an empty box.

Check out the original article from Trend Hunter here

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Million Dollar Wiki

Here is what you could call a web 2.0 version of Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage. The million dollar wiki. The idea is that users can buy a wiki page within the site for $100, and own and edit the content on it.

You can buy any term you want, providing it hasn't been bought yet. Then once you've bought your page, you drive traffic to it and make money from any affiliate, text, or sponsorship advertising deals you can muster. This will all be backed by the stir the site has been causing among influential bloggers and web entrepeneurs.

For example, mogul John Chow has bought the page 'make money online' and has already started to turn a profit.

All in all, great entreprenurial idea - lets hope it works. I have to run and decide on the page i'm thinking of buying.

See John Chow's blog post here, and FAQ on the mmillion dollar wiki here

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Future of Media

This is a very interesting video on the future of media. Some great thought behind it and some catchy graphics make it worth the six minutes of your life. Is it unrealistic? You tell me. Not sure about the logo right at the end though - conspiracy theory anyone?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

User generated 'how-to' videos

The number of online how-to's is increasing, and has proven to fill an existing need for those looking online for information, getting good search placement with the major search engines and offering great niche communities for advertisers. Similar to what we’re seeing with the user-generated online video market, those involved with how-to sites are experimenting with a lot of different business models and ways in which to pay content owners.

ExpertVillage operates by presenting “assignments” for experts, which are based on topics that are the most searched on over the web. Experts can create a how-to video and ExpertVillage purchase the rights from the video’s creators. This process will ensure premium content coming through the site, making it of better authority for viewers, though limiting its community capabilities to some extent.

Source credit:

Heavy Geo-targeting adverts

Heavy, the online video site with a distinct focus on the Jackass demographic, announced Tuesday that it will be using the IP Intelligence technology from Digital Element in order to "geotarget" its advertisements, language, and video content based on where a visitor's IP address is located.

This means a couple of different things. One, by knowing where its visitors come from, Heavy can run locally targeted advertisements, which can make it a more appealing buy for advertisers. This, as we've seen with many of Google's locally-oriented applications, can be very lucrative.

And two, imagine the possibilities of geographically relevant Heavy videos: instead of just seeing videos of skateboarders falling off roofs into kiddie pools full of Jell-O, you might be able to see videos of skateboarders falling off roofs into kiddie pools full of Jell-O that were filmed in your home state. That skateboarder falling off the roof might even be your neighbor.

Source credit:

Free Entertainment - Part 2

Following on from my earlier mention of live streaming sites such as, here is a new and bettered version based on the same principle. is in essence the same, providing links of movies and TV shows to name a few.

The reason that it's an improvement is that these are all based on on Stage 6's Divex - so there is hardly a wait for buffering, and all of the links provided are full screen, DVD quality, and are full files - as opposed to full films broken up into pieces.

As said before these sites are legal, as they only provide the link lists and do not hold any of the content uploaded. Depending on your view on copyright infringement - enjoy.

Soft Branding in Viral Videos

Even though viral video's are one of the latest buzz terms when considering digital marketing channels, a lot of brands and companies are still trying to figure it out. Here is an example of great 'soft' branding through a video that is actually viral, as opposed to blatant product pushes.

This example from Ray Ban is considerably effective as it created a buzz in forums and video sharing sites - because people noticed a sneaky insertion of the campaign tag line in the video, and started discussion about who made the video and is it / isn't it Ray Ban

If you watch the video, look at the car window right at the end and you will see the soft branding. It seems that a video which people will actually send on to friends coupled with really subtle branding is proving to be an attractive formula for creating viral videos

User Generated Advertising

User generated media has yet another angle for monetization, and it seems to be gaining momentum. Zooppa is a new social network created around the idea of user generated advert creation. The Ital-American start up explains the concept as "we give you a brand, you make an advert, you rate the best ones, and the winner gets paid"

Well known brands that have used this so far include Tom Tom, Havianas and Global Warming. Here is the complete list of winners so far

This is an unique advertising business model, for now that is. Businesses supply advertising briefs - what their product is, who they're targeting, any brand-specific design elements, etc. - and users create advertisements for the company, uploading them for Zooppa users to vote on.

This is an attractive model for people to create revenue from user generated content while the You Tube's of the world figure out their revenue sharing models. For brands it's a cost effective way of seeing what consumers think of the brand, and at at the same time giving immediate feedback on what adverts they relate to the most.

Simple. Cheap. Effective

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now that's what i call creativity

So simple. So Effective. A great creatively led outdoor ad for Mondo Pasta.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Keep an eye on the whole web

Similar to what i posted a Little while ago, a huge problem with the overload of info and entertainment on the web is that you can't keep up. You could try, but you like having a life don't you?

Anyway, Pop url's is a great site that gives a great overview of whats topping the charts on all the places you would usually head to. I'm talking news, user bookmarked news, video, blogs, and much more. It's different to the Netvibes and Page Flakes i spoke about before, because it isn't customizable. But, it does give you a great glance at what's happening today (from everywhere)

No more trawling!

Great training facility

Where do you go to learn graphic design? A graphic design school? Not anymore
Need to learn how to edit a film on the weekend, now you can....

This award winning website/training resource is brilliant. If you have interests in or are looking to learn any kind of graphics programme and more - this is gold to you. From photoshop to heavy special effects, to powerpoint and even search engine optimisation - this is a great way to learn. Hell, you could even pick five friends and open a graphic design studio by next week!

On streaming video tutorials mean no download hassles, and it's like learning while watching somebody - the best way. These things you can't learn from a book - well you can, but by the time you do you, will have learn the latest version anyway - and paying for training at a school is much more costly.

It does cost, but is very well priced for what you get out of it. Have a look at the free samples or podcast to get a taste.... you will not be disappointed. I promise.

Great spoof of the advertising industry

It's scary how close this resembles the truth....

The future model of selling music?

The ever changing digital music scene is always an interesting one to watch. The success of iTunes, the way the music charts now include digitally sold music, and all the statistics proving the drop in physical CD sales vs music sold online - is more than enough to make people sit up and take note.

There is a new model being used to sell downloads which is quite interesting in comparison to itunes. There are a few places doing this, and more are jumping on the bandwagon. The music initially is free, and the more popular it gets the more it starts to cost. Nice and simple. This is focused more on emerging artists looking to get their music out there, and also make some money from it.

Amie St and CD Baby are good examples of these. CD baby has even partnered up with the major players meaning the music can be sold through the likes of itunes etc. This is all DRM free music, which means it can be played on any device.

All good news for indie artists. Hopefully one day we will reach a stage when music that is considered 'pop or popular' will actually be what people want to listen to!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Entertainment for free

We all know that it's pretty easy to download any movie or TV show, but why go through the mission of finding it, downloading it, and then wasting your hard drive space to keep it?

There are a new crop of websites popping up that are extremely clever and actually legal. Basically, they direct you to where you can watch streaming video's online. Depending on what site the original video has been placed on, you will either be able to watch it in parts (eg. feature film over 5 or so parts on you tube) or, on some sites you will be able to view a full length film on full screen view (eg. VEOH)

These sites are perfectly legal, as their disclaimers will tell you - they are not responsible for the content - they only point you to where it is. Being a new concept, the sites are not visually impressive by any means, but you will always be able to find something to watch. is what i use at the moment, and when i find more i will post them here.

Quality is not always the best, but if you don't like it, get up off your couch and actually go pay to watch a movie for once!

Trend Hunting

This has to be one of my favorite websites - much more entertaining than the mind numbing reality shows busy polluting TV. If you are at all interested in innovative ideas, new gadgets and technology, excellent marketing, and even things that you never knew existed - this is the place for you.

I really don't have to say anymore, have a look at trendhunter

Turning piracy into marketing

Clever record label exec's and marketers have realised that they can't fight the way the digital music industry is changing, and have picked up ways to turn what is considered piracy into great innovative marketing tactics.

Using peer to peer file sharing applications and downloading sites - they are slowly sneaking advertising into our free music we love so much. The best example i have seen (because it is viral) is the band Yellowcard - they place 'snippets' of their new tracks onto the net for free - and encourage people to download and share it - with the promise that once enough people have sent it around, the rest of the track will be 'unlocked'. Genius

For the Gin Blossom's campaign - when hopeful music seekers searched for the band and tried to download a song, they got a pop-up asking them to enter a comp to win an ipod full of the bands music. Through this you build a database of marketing details, of people who are actively seeking that specific artist.

Jay-z and Coke tied up to do a campaign that was hugely succesful in terms of p2p marketing, which proves this as a viable marketing channel. Things will change again, and advertisers will always find a way in - and it's interesting for us to see what they come up with

Essential networking

If like me you think myspace looks like a 13 year old girl threw up into her sticker book, then these social networks might strike some interest...

I'm sure you have heard about facebook which is a brilliant tool for keeping in touch with people from around the world, but more specifically, if you are a working individual you should be joined up on linked in

It is a social network aimed at working professionals, and these days could count as much as your CV or resume. Brilliant for making contacts, keeping contacts, as well as having an interactive platform for references and contact information. If you take yourself seriously in the working world, these days you must be a part of this.

Update: They have just launched a corporate blog here

Video Tracking

If you are a serial video seeder, or if like me you use video seeding for work, i'm sure you know how hard it is to keep track of what video's you have loaded onto what site and, how many views they've had and where to find them - then this will save you a lot of time.

Yes youtube might be the McDonalds of online video, but there are lots of alternatives - and depending on what you are using them for, are in a lot of cases much better than youtube. Quick example - Metacafepays you for video's that do well. Enough said

Anyway, Vidmeteris a great application that will track all of your videos, and let you access everything you might need from one page. It shows a total number of views a video had had across all the sharing sites you might have loaded it onto, and will link you to where it is on that site at the click of a button.

Another very useful way to use this is that it tracks the most popular videos across a network of sites. You can browse by category and time frame. Very useful if you want to see what is popular and realize that your options don't stop at McVideo

Great iTunes idea

These guys have really impressed me with this one. Being a music lover in a big city, it's difficult to keep up with all the concerts and gigs that are happening, and i used to miss a lot of them. Until now.

is a brilliant plug in for your itunes, and yes it's free, and simple to use. Download it, install it, then pick your city. Here's the exciting part - it then scans your music library and automatically creates a calendar of events going in your city based on all the artist and music you have. You know that obscure band or DJ you thought you'd never get to see? With this you have a good chance of catching a gig.

Highly recommended!

Gateway to the info

If you haven't already heard of RSS feeds, you might actually learn something from this blog. And if you have, you might not know about these useful applications yet. We all know how much info is out there - but how the hell are we supposed to keep up?

Bookmarking your favorite sites and blogs used to be an option, but not anymore. I don't have time to sit and look at all the things that interest me everyday. The answer - let the info come to you. RSS feeds automatically keep an updated eye on your favorite destinations. There are a lot of RSS readers out there, but these two stand out as being the most innovative and user friendly.

Personally i prefer netvibes and use it as my default home page, but pageflakes is just as good

On one page i can have google search, youtube, flickr, updates on all the blogs i read, news from around the world, music charts, weather etc - you get the idea. Gmail works well with it as it provides pop email integration. So basically, this is your way to keep up with all the info that is relevant to and chosen by you.

Check it out. now. go

Web based music players

If you like you music digital and easy to get to - these two applications are exactly what you need. Different to online radio stations in that they reccomend you music on what you are listening to. You can build up a personal profile and then track what you're listening to, see what others are listening to - as well as sharing it with friends or embedding the player into your blog like i have so cleverly done.

The two most prominent ones are and which i use. From what i've seen content wise, Pandora is U.S. based and is U.K. based - but they are both worth a go. All you need is a musical imagination, first world broadband and time - as you will be finding and recommending a lot of new artists that you have never heard of. Enjoy