Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wimbledon Live Streaming

For anyone stuck in the office, you can watch Wimbledon streamed live here


It's finally happened

Read/Write web has a very interesting post, and one that has been a long time coming. The Scottish Teacher Parent Council has filed a report blaming Wikipedia for failing school results. It is a valid point i must say.

Not too long ago when i was in school and the internet was just makig head way, i remember how clever we though we were by going onto schoolessays.com (i'm pretty sure it has been shut down now) and copy/pasting an analysis of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Very sneaky, and i can only imagine the possibilites today...

Have a look at the article here

Social media providing answers and exposure

Social Media proves to be more and more useful every day. Not just for stalkers and paedophiles either.

Below are two examples of how the wisdom of the crowds effect can give you insight and answers at a much quicker rate than you could do on your own.

For example, i recently asked my linkedin contact network if anyone has any examples of monetising widgets or applications - and within a short amount of time i received varied and generally helpful answers. Check out the threadhere

in another similar and related example, i quickly answered a question while looking around linkedin. A simple one sentence answer - and the point of this was a social media experiment that another digital marketer was conducting. coincidence? anyway, this resulted in me getting some exposure for participating - and is just another example of how social media can give you answers where and when you need them.

Check out the article here