Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now that's what i call creativity

So simple. So Effective. A great creatively led outdoor ad for Mondo Pasta.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Keep an eye on the whole web

Similar to what i posted a Little while ago, a huge problem with the overload of info and entertainment on the web is that you can't keep up. You could try, but you like having a life don't you?

Anyway, Pop url's is a great site that gives a great overview of whats topping the charts on all the places you would usually head to. I'm talking news, user bookmarked news, video, blogs, and much more. It's different to the Netvibes and Page Flakes i spoke about before, because it isn't customizable. But, it does give you a great glance at what's happening today (from everywhere)

No more trawling!

Great training facility

Where do you go to learn graphic design? A graphic design school? Not anymore
Need to learn how to edit a film on the weekend, now you can....

This award winning website/training resource is brilliant. If you have interests in or are looking to learn any kind of graphics programme and more - this is gold to you. From photoshop to heavy special effects, to powerpoint and even search engine optimisation - this is a great way to learn. Hell, you could even pick five friends and open a graphic design studio by next week!

On lynda.com streaming video tutorials mean no download hassles, and it's like learning while watching somebody - the best way. These things you can't learn from a book - well you can, but by the time you do you, will have learn the latest version anyway - and paying for training at a school is much more costly.

It does cost, but is very well priced for what you get out of it. Have a look at the free samples or podcast to get a taste.... you will not be disappointed. I promise.

Great spoof of the advertising industry

It's scary how close this resembles the truth....

The future model of selling music?

The ever changing digital music scene is always an interesting one to watch. The success of iTunes, the way the music charts now include digitally sold music, and all the statistics proving the drop in physical CD sales vs music sold online - is more than enough to make people sit up and take note.

There is a new model being used to sell downloads which is quite interesting in comparison to itunes. There are a few places doing this, and more are jumping on the bandwagon. The music initially is free, and the more popular it gets the more it starts to cost. Nice and simple. This is focused more on emerging artists looking to get their music out there, and also make some money from it.

Amie St and CD Baby are good examples of these. CD baby has even partnered up with the major players meaning the music can be sold through the likes of itunes etc. This is all DRM free music, which means it can be played on any device.

All good news for indie artists. Hopefully one day we will reach a stage when music that is considered 'pop or popular' will actually be what people want to listen to!