Friday, May 18, 2007

Great training facility

Where do you go to learn graphic design? A graphic design school? Not anymore
Need to learn how to edit a film on the weekend, now you can....

This award winning website/training resource is brilliant. If you have interests in or are looking to learn any kind of graphics programme and more - this is gold to you. From photoshop to heavy special effects, to powerpoint and even search engine optimisation - this is a great way to learn. Hell, you could even pick five friends and open a graphic design studio by next week!

On streaming video tutorials mean no download hassles, and it's like learning while watching somebody - the best way. These things you can't learn from a book - well you can, but by the time you do you, will have learn the latest version anyway - and paying for training at a school is much more costly.

It does cost, but is very well priced for what you get out of it. Have a look at the free samples or podcast to get a taste.... you will not be disappointed. I promise.

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