Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Entertainment for free

We all know that it's pretty easy to download any movie or TV show, but why go through the mission of finding it, downloading it, and then wasting your hard drive space to keep it?

There are a new crop of websites popping up that are extremely clever and actually legal. Basically, they direct you to where you can watch streaming video's online. Depending on what site the original video has been placed on, you will either be able to watch it in parts (eg. feature film over 5 or so parts on you tube) or, on some sites you will be able to view a full length film on full screen view (eg. VEOH)

These sites are perfectly legal, as their disclaimers will tell you - they are not responsible for the content - they only point you to where it is. Being a new concept, the sites are not visually impressive by any means, but you will always be able to find something to watch. is what i use at the moment, and when i find more i will post them here.

Quality is not always the best, but if you don't like it, get up off your couch and actually go pay to watch a movie for once!

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