Monday, October 22, 2007

Interactive / Reactive video platform is a great digital video platform that allows user to interact with the video. What does that mean? In an nutshell, that i can select different parts of the video and tag it so that you can click onto various areas of the video and be taken to various destinations...

So? Well, one thing, for advertisers and promotions this is especially useful. Take for example, a promotional music video that you would like to integrate into an email marketingn campaign. With this, you could essentially tag different elements of the video to different products or promotions. i.e. if a click on the record i go to a record product page, if i click on the DJ i go to his myspace page etc etc.

Not being used as much as i woulkd expect, but the few campaigns that have used it have had great success. One specifically included an intercsative video of Kate Moss that receiveed an unheard of 70% consumer respone rate. Nice

Any Song, From Anywhere, Instantly - Seeqpod

Seeqpod is a new and quite a unique music search engine. The ‘playable search’ engine trawls the web, and finds the song you are looking for from within any source. It then lists all the results within the page, and can be played automatically.

To be noted, as far as I can tell, this is legal in the same way that video link sharing sites are (sites like that do not host any copyrighted material but just build references to where they can be found.) Essentially, you cant share/get music via this service, but it is great for those “Have you heard this song?” moments where you need a song then and there.