Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wimbledon Live Streaming

For anyone stuck in the office, you can watch Wimbledon streamed live here


It's finally happened

Read/Write web has a very interesting post, and one that has been a long time coming. The Scottish Teacher Parent Council has filed a report blaming Wikipedia for failing school results. It is a valid point i must say.

Not too long ago when i was in school and the internet was just makig head way, i remember how clever we though we were by going onto schoolessays.com (i'm pretty sure it has been shut down now) and copy/pasting an analysis of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Very sneaky, and i can only imagine the possibilites today...

Have a look at the article here

Social media providing answers and exposure

Social Media proves to be more and more useful every day. Not just for stalkers and paedophiles either.

Below are two examples of how the wisdom of the crowds effect can give you insight and answers at a much quicker rate than you could do on your own.

For example, i recently asked my linkedin contact network if anyone has any examples of monetising widgets or applications - and within a short amount of time i received varied and generally helpful answers. Check out the threadhere

in another similar and related example, i quickly answered a question while looking around linkedin. A simple one sentence answer - and the point of this was a social media experiment that another digital marketer was conducting. coincidence? anyway, this resulted in me getting some exposure for participating - and is just another example of how social media can give you answers where and when you need them.

Check out the article here

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Graffiti advertising that won't piss people off

Street advertising Services is a new concept that uses graffiti for urban advertising. So what? They blast high pressured steam onto a stencil which creates the image - essentially by cleaning that part of the wall/street.

Brilliant - good marketing and covering your 'social services' angle at the same time

Need Content?

Springwise, a sister site to Trend Hunter, has a great article on sourcing content for whatever your digital needs might be.

Mochila, a New York based company has now essentially created an online marketplace for content. This a great new business model for sopurcing content and benefits everybody involved. So far more than 1000 media organizations, including Reuters have joined - not too bad so far.

Read the article, or check out Mochila

Monday, October 22, 2007

Interactive / Reactive video platform

Coull.tv is a great digital video platform that allows user to interact with the video. What does that mean? In an nutshell, that i can select different parts of the video and tag it so that you can click onto various areas of the video and be taken to various destinations...

So? Well, one thing, for advertisers and promotions this is especially useful. Take for example, a promotional music video that you would like to integrate into an email marketingn campaign. With this, you could essentially tag different elements of the video to different products or promotions. i.e. if a click on the record i go to a record product page, if i click on the DJ i go to his myspace page etc etc.

Not being used as much as i woulkd expect, but the few campaigns that have used it have had great success. One specifically included an intercsative video of Kate Moss that receiveed an unheard of 70% consumer respone rate. Nice

Any Song, From Anywhere, Instantly - Seeqpod

Seeqpod is a new and quite a unique music search engine. The ‘playable search’ engine trawls the web, and finds the song you are looking for from within any source. It then lists all the results within the page, and can be played automatically.

To be noted, as far as I can tell, this is legal in the same way that video link sharing sites are (sites like www.joox.net that do not host any copyrighted material but just build references to where they can be found.) Essentially, you cant share/get music via this service, but it is great for those “Have you heard this song?” moments where you need a song then and there.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great World Stats Application

I've just come across this great application. It's not the kind of app that you will go back to, but i just wanted to post it as it is really interesting, and actually quite scary - it gives real time stats from around the world. Check it out


Update on earlier post

Just a quick update on my earlier post regarding free entertainment on the web. tv-links.co.uk is a new site that has popped up. it's the sam concept as joox.net and alluc.org - but is a much better version. More content, and a nice layout. TV licence? No thanks, i'll use these

Sunday, September 23, 2007