Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Million Dollar Wiki

Here is what you could call a web 2.0 version of Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage. The million dollar wiki. The idea is that users can buy a wiki page within the site for $100, and own and edit the content on it.

You can buy any term you want, providing it hasn't been bought yet. Then once you've bought your page, you drive traffic to it and make money from any affiliate, text, or sponsorship advertising deals you can muster. This will all be backed by the stir the site has been causing among influential bloggers and web entrepeneurs.

For example, dot.com mogul John Chow has bought the page 'make money online' and has already started to turn a profit.

All in all, great entreprenurial idea - lets hope it works. I have to run and decide on the page i'm thinking of buying.

See John Chow's blog post here, and FAQ on the mmillion dollar wiki here

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